Member School Support

What is a peaceful school?
A peaceful school is one in which students, staff and parents work together to ensure that everyone feels safe, valued, and respected. Based on responses from educators, students and parents, PSI sees six essential ingredients in creating a peaceful school:

  • Schools use a collaborative approach to decision making and develop a climate of cooperation, support and understanding. For example, students, parents and teachers are all involved in developing a school’s discipline policy.
  • Schools provide curricular and/or extracurricular peace education initiatives. For example, schools might host a peace festival where they share their experiences of peace with parents and the community.
  • Teaching methods stress participation, cooperation, problem solving and respect for differences. Students are encouraged to be open minded and accepting of others who may look different, have different customs or hold beliefs that do not correspond with their own.
  • Student and community centered conflict resolution strategies such as peer mediation are available.
  • The school is involved in community service projects. For example, students may pick up litter in their neighbourhood, fundraise for a specific cause or group, or collect food and clothing to donate.
  • Opportunities for professional development on creating a positive school climate are available to all staff. This may include training in areas such as crisis response, dealing with bullying, peer mediation, anti-racism or anti-sexism programs, or cooperative learning strategies.

How does PSI help?

PSI provides member schools resources to help promote peace in their community. These resources include: Kids books, resource and activity books for teachers, and monthly ideas to implement in classrooms.

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