Creating a School-Wide Culture of Peace

The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child,” can be applied to creating peaceful schools. Everyone in the school community can and ought to be involved.  Creating an ethos of understanding, respect, and acceptance in our schools is possible but cannot be achieved by a small committee or a few committed individuals. Students, teachers, support staff, and community members can all make a contribution to making their school a place where people want to be.

Each month, PSI will share an idea for a school-wide theme intended to ensure that the message, “This is a place where everyone feels welcome, valued, and respected” is heard and understood.  

These practical ideas aim bring together the school community with a common focus on creating an ethos in which everyone feels safe and happy.

To see our monthly suggested themes and activities, please go to:  Monthly Peace Activities | Peaceful Schools International

PSI Renews Its Commitment to Supporting Member Schools

Greetings from Peaceful Schools International (PSI)! We sincerely hope that your school year is off to a great start and that things are running smoothly for you and your school community. We understand that educators and school leaders work hard to establish a culture of inclusivity and respect for all students. At PSI, we aim to offer recognition and support to schools that prioritize these values.

This year, we are relaunching PSI with a streamlined membership process.

We invite you to register your school as a member of PSI. As an outward symbol of your school’s commitment to creating a school-wide culture of peace, you will be sent a PSI membership flag and certificate. The flag serves as a visual, daily reminder to all who enter your school that “how we treat each other matters as much as the academic skills we acquire.”

PSI principal’s letterFINAL

We request that you display the PSI flag in a prominent place and reinforce your school’s commitment to peace throughout the school year. PSI will regularly send you innovative ideas for creating a school-wide culture of peace. We will also act as a clearinghouse for the initiatives member schools share with us. Please fill in the application below and return it to
PSI Membership ApplicationFILLABLE2023

Please return completed application to