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Resource Books by Hetty van Gurp

PSI founder Hetty van Gurp, has written many resource books for teachers to bring peace to their classrooms. Here are a few:

Peaceful Schools: Ideas to Inspire

Each month, PSI send an idea for a school-wide initiative to its members. These ideas are usually tied to a special day, such as the International Day of Peace; a seasonal theme; or an event such as Gossip-Free Day. In this document we have compiled a few samples from previous years to inspire you. Ideas to Inspire

Teacher Resources 

Famous Peacekeepers Fortune Teller

Options To Anger

Peace Begins with Me one-page booklet
Peace begins with me folding instructions

Negotiation and Mediation handout

A Proactive Approach to Challenging Behaviour

Incident Report

Sam book series
Sam and the Goodwill Sandwich 
Sam Takes a Stand
Sam Speaks Up – 

Through generous support from the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), we were able to translate the Sam series into Urdu. Here are the Urdu versions:


Our Bookshelf:

The following is a list of books we have on our bookshelves and recommend to you! Many of our activities and ideas come from these resources and are available from various websites and bookstores.