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PSI offers many different types of resources for schools, students, and parents, such as films, books, teaching guides, toolkits and more! Listed below are some items that are available to download free of charge.
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Sam book series

The three books in the Sam series are available to download. You can also purchase these books as part of the “Keeping Our Children Safe: the Whole Village Approach”
Sam and the Goodwill Sandwich – Sam learns the ‘Goodwill Sandwich’ method for giving feedback, addressing issues of  controversy, offering criticism and re-direction, and de-escalating problems. The technique uses a combination of goodwill, good data and ends with more goodwill in order to engage the other person as an ally in the problem-solving process.
Sam Takes a Stand – Sam learns how to deal with put-downs, mean jokes, demeaning comments, teasing, and verbal  Saabuse, without resorting to counter-attack or aggression.
Sam Speaks Up – Sam learns how to speak up for himself in a respectful manner when he feels he has been unfairly treated by an adult.

Through generous support from the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), we were able to translate the Sam series into Urdu. Here are the Urdu versions:


Peaceful Schools: Ideas to Inspire

Each month, PSI send an idea for a school-wide initiative to its members. These ideas are usually tied to a special day, such as the International Day of Peace; a seasonal theme; or an event such as Gossip-Free Day. In this document we have compiled a few samples from previous years to inspire you. Ideas to Inspire

PSI Presentations

PSI Presentation

PSI Yearbooks

PSI Yearbook 2008-2009
PSI Yearbook 2008-2009 Appendix: This appendix contains September to June monthly ideas for 2008 – 2009.

PSI Yearbook 2006