Fundraise for PSI

In the past, many of PSI’s member schools chose to take on fundraising projects to assist other member schools and help support the important work that PSI does to build a global network of peaceful schools. Below are some ideas and information that will help your school if you decide to fundraise for Peaceful Schools International.

Why Fundraise?

Raising funds for PSI is an important way that your school can help to support building peace, not just at home, but in schools around the world. Many of the schools and teachers we work with, especially those in developing countries, receive little or no funding or other resources. PSI is committed to working with all organizations that want to make a commitment to peace, regardless of ability to pay. Fundraising is essential to all of PSI’s work and supports our activities all over the world, allowing us to provide all member schools with recognition, support, training, materials, and other resources.

A school fundraising project can also be part of the community service work that you undertake as a PSI member school. Encouraging students to learn about the world around them, and to become caring and compassionate citizens is an important aspect of building a peaceful school. Both giving and raising money that will help to make the world more peaceful is one way of empowering students, staff and community members to take action.

Holding a fundraising event is also a great way to raise awareness about your work as a peaceful school and about the importance of teaching peace in schools.

A little bit of money can go a long way!

What it can buy
 $15 Conflict resolution books for a member school library
 $20  A copy of the book “Creating Caring Schools” for a member school.
 $20  PSI Membership flag to recognize a school that is making a commitment to peace.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Make and sell calendars with student artwork
  • Hold a “dress down” day
  • Hold a bake sale or a book sale
  • Hold a read-a-thon and collect pledges
  • Have a social event (e.g. ice cream social)
  • Have a fashion show
  • Organize a benefit concert or coffeehouse
  • Any other idea you can think of!