Peace Day Conference - September 2020

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September 21st, 2020 marks the United Nations International Day of Peace with this year's theme of Shaping Peace Together! We are participating by opening up a conversation with educators, academics, and youth where we will discuss the question, "do we have an ethical responsibility to teach peace education?"

On this page, you can join our conversation with education professionals, students, youth, and academics! You can watch our pre-recorded speakers as they highlight the importance of peace and peace education.

Here you can also find links to our live panels and talks held throughout September 21st, 2020.

Peaceful Schools International is a Non-Profit organization that is located in Mi'kma'ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq People.

Welcome to Peaceful Schools International Peace Day Conference

Saint Mary's University President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray

Saint Mary's University Students Association President, Bryn de Chastelain

Messages of Peace from our Peaceful Schools Board of Directors

Dr. Esther E. Enns, BSL Hon, MA, MEd, PhD
Associate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning, Saint Mary’s University

Dr. Bonnie Weir, Ph.D., Department of Political Science, Director Northern Ireland Conflict Management Program, Yale University.

Raymond Sewell, Saint Mary's University Indigenous Student Advisor

Richard Lewis Peaceful Schools International Board Member, and Peaceful Schools International Advisory Board

On September 21st we will share video messages of peace by the youth of our member schools!

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Saint Mary's University Student Panel

Here 5 Saint Mary's students will discuss the question "Do we have an ethical responsibility to teach peace education."

Meaghan Reardon
Meaghan Reardon
Crystal Witter
Crystal Witter
Salman Sadib
Salman Sadib
Darcy Brownlow
Darcy Brownlow
Michaela Peters
Michaela Peters
Kayla Dunphy
Kayla Dunphy

Youth and Peace Panel

We speak with our youth consultant committee about if we have an ethical responsibility to teach peach education.

Our youth consultant committee is currently working on some new books! Read their first set of books here! They are books written for kids, by kids!

Peace day final remarks

We hope you enjoyed this day of celebration and recognition, as we discussed our ethical responsibility to teach peace education.

We conclude this virtual event with Dr. Rohini Banerjee and Bridget Brownlow.

Dr. Rohini Bannerjee, PhD
Associate Professor (French & Francophone Studies)
Department of Modern Languages and Classics
Graduate Coordinator, International Development Studies (2019-2022)
President, Saint Mary's University Faculty Union (2020-2021)
Senate, Vice Chairperson (2019-2021)


Bridget E. Brownlow, M.A., Con.Res.Cert
Conflict Resolution Advisor
Professor, Political Science, Irish Studies and Education
President, Peaceful Schools International

Currie Primary School, Belfast, Northern Ireland/ North of Ireland
Fac of Education HOR PMS
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