Monthly Peace Activities

Creating a School-wide Culture of Peace

The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child,” can be applied to creating peaceful schools. Everyone in the school community can and should be involved.  Creating an ethos of understanding, respect and acceptance in our schools is possible but cannot be achieved by a small committee or a few committed individuals. Students, teachers, support staff, and community members all need to contribute to making their school a place where people want to be.

At the beginning of every month, we will post a suggested idea on this page, for a theme or activity that can be carried out either in individual classes and school-wide. We recognize that resources may be scarce in some schools and will do our best to develop ideas that require little in the way of materials.

Some of the ideas described are directly connected with a special day such as September 21 which is the International Day of Peace as declared by the United Nations.  Other ideas, such as Gossip Free Day can be implemented at any time of the year and even repeated during the year.

You may wish to consider the following suggestions:

  • Create a committee of teachers, students, and parents to act as a steering team to plan and lead the initiatives.
  • Set aside a section of the school’s monthly newsletter to announce next month’s idea and summarize the activities that took place over the past month.
  • Allocate a prominent bulletin board to announce the month’s initiative.
  • Hold an assembly at the beginning of the month to announce the upcoming initiative and/or an assembly at the end of the month during which students can make presentations summarizing how they have been involved in the initiative just to conclude.
  • Take photos and create an audio-visual presentation to show at parent or community gatherings. Invite community organizations and businesses to get involved and provide needed support.
April 2024
February 2024- Choose Kindness
December – Gifts from the Heart

November – School-Wide Remembrance Day Assembly

The link below is a printable version with performance pieces included.

PSI November 2023 Remembrance Day Assembly2

October – Beginnings
The start of a school year is a good time to set goals – personally and as a class or entire school.  (Print-ready resources in pdf format below.)
Stone Soup
Quotes to Inspire
September – “Pinwheels for Peace”

International Day of Peace | United Nations