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Become a PSI Member: Schools

If you are an educational institution interested in creating a safer and more peaceful environment for your students and staff, membership in Peaceful Schools International can help you! PSI regular members include many different types of educational institutions, from early childhood education right through to university. DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM

The process of becoming a PSI member school is underpinned by trust, open communication, flexibility, and awareness of context. Peaceful Schools International recognizes the intentions, actions, and effort of schools to create a climate of peace.

An educational institution can register as a member of PSI at any time as a sign of the institution’s commitment. Once we receive a membership application from your school, we send you a membership package.

The membership package contains surveys to be completed by two parents, two students, and two staff members. The completed surveys give us an indication of the degree to which the school currently meets the membership criteria. In areas in which there is a large number of PSI member schools an individual or team may be designated Regional Coordinator to provide advice and assistance to member schools.

Some schools register for membership in PSI after they feel they have met the membership criteria. Others register knowing that they still have goals to meet before they will feel ready to plan the flag celebration. PSI can help schools move toward readiness, and we decide together when the membership flag and certificate will be presented. Please see the full list of PSI Membership Criteria for more information.

The presentation of the PSI flag celebrates achievements, but it does not indicate the end of a journey. Most PSI member schools continue to develop initiatives, policies, and programs as the school culture flourishes and evolves.

To apply, please complete the PSI membership applications form.


The main benefit of becoming a member of PSI is a means to celebrate your school’s commitment to making it a place where everyone feels safe, valued and respected – a place where people want to be!

All PSI regular members receive the following:

  • A detailed PSI membership guide
  • A copy of one of PSI founder Hetty van Gurp’s books related to creating peaceful schools
  • A PSI flag and membership certificate
  • Monthly ideas for school-wide peace activities
  • Recognition and support from PSI and other member schools
  • Invitation to send a representative to PSI’s AGM


PSI regular members agree to:

  • Follow through on their commitment to creating a climate of peace in their school
  • Report back to PSI as often as possible on their peace-related activities (stories, photos or videos are always appreciated!)
  • Keep PSI updated on new contact information.

When your school is ready to apply, or if you have any questions about your application, please contact us!