PSI Initiatives From The Past

PSI has been helping students and educators create cultures of peace in their schools. Over the years, much has change. Check out some of the previously used resources below!

League of Peaceful Schools

Before Peaceful Schools International Hetty van Gurp first found the League of Peaceful Schools.

Original PSI Flag

The first PSI flag and logo looked like this before it was change the yellow and red logo we have today.

New Member Kits

Between 2004 and 2015 new member schools received this kit with resources to help create peace at school. Items included: Peacce@school bag, Peace of Mind quotes, Hope of the Future movie, Sam Book series, membership guide, and many other resources.

Food for Thought Tins

Sam book series

The three books of the Sam book series were written in 2008 and designed to teach students about peace education and conflict resolution. PSI has since published new kids books, however the Sam books are still good resources for students! Download the books for free from the links below:

Sam and the Goodwill Sandwich – Sam learns the ‘Goodwill Sandwich’ method for giving feedback, addressing issues of  controversy, offering criticism and re-direction, and de-escalating problems. The technique uses a combination of goodwill, good data and ends with more goodwill in order to engage the other person as an ally in the problem-solving process.
Sam Takes a Stand – Sam learns how to deal with put-downs, mean jokes, demeaning comments, teasing, and verbal abuse, without resorting to counter-attack or aggression.
Sam Speaks Up – Sam learns how to speak up for himself in a respectful manner when he feels he has been unfairly treated by an adult.

Through generous support from the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), we were able to translate the Sam series into Urdu. Here are the Urdu versions:


PSI Yearbook

PSI Yearbook 2006

PSI Yearbook 2008-2009
PSI Yearbook 2008-2009 Appendix: This appendix contains September to June monthly ideas for 2008 – 2009.

PSI Presentation

PSI Presentation