One of our goals at PSI is to engage global youth in the process of creating peace in the world! We encourage anyone between the ages of 4 and 15 to complete the challenges below and send us your results! We will publish some of the results here! Remember to ask a parent or teacher to help email or mail us your challenge.

Summer 2019 Challenge: Seeing the Peace

What does peace look like to you? Is it place like your school or your favourite play ground at the park? Is it people talking and laughing? Or is something like a Peace Sign or quote?

Your challenge is to show us what peace looks like in your life! Use your imagination to make an art work about peace. You could draw, paint, photograph, use chalk, or create something digitally, that tells us what you think peace is. Use your imagination; your options are unlimited! This can be done by yourself, or ask your friends or family to help!

When you are done email us your creation and we may post it to our website! Include your first name and country you are from in the email so that we can give you credit!

Recent Submissions

Submit your artwork and it could be the first one on our website!