June 2020: Acts of Kindness Challenge


Peaceful Schools International (PSI) is inviting all children and youth to participate in our newly launched Monthly Youth Challenges. These challenges are incorporated within our monthly Piece of Peace initiative where we share a lesson(s) on various aspects of peace education and conflict resolution.

This month’s youth challenge is encouraging acts of kindness throughout the Peaceful Schools International community. In keeping with June’s Piece of Peace activity, children and youth can reflect and take action on how they can demonstrate kindness to others.

So……we have created a fun challenge for you! It is called Acts of Kindness BINGO where your job is to do as many acts of kindness on your BINGO card that you can. Not only are there activities to do for others, but there are also acts of kindness to do for yourself. It is just as important to be kind to yourself as it is for others. Are you up for this challenge? Take a look at the Acts of Kindness BINGO card and see what acts of kindness you can do at home or in your community.

With this challenge, we would like to see how much you have competed on your BINGO card!

Share what you have done and send us pictures and videos of you participating in these acts of kindness. Send in your cards, pictures, and videos to peacfulschoolsintl@gmail.com.

If you would like to, include your first name and age, and we'll give you credit.

We can’t wait to see just how kind everyone can be to each other!

June 2020 Bingo