Remember Peace: A new book by Carolyn Pogue

Remember Peace is a handbook suitable for use by teachers, workshop leaders, after-school care givers, Scout and Guide leaders, youth group workers, camp directors and religious leaders working with grade 4 and up.

Remember Peace respects the traditions of Remembrance Day, while placing tools and a language for peace into the hands of educators, parents and children. We need hope that is grounded in reality. In November, we need to remember war and peace.

Today, most children still learn John McCrae’s classic poem, In Flanders Fields. But that "war to end all wars" in McCrae’s era, actually heralded a century of violence. The gap between rich and poor nations widened, Nature is degraded, and fear of terrorists, real or imagined, breeds despair and cynicism. Children, viewed as consumers, are subjected to relentless advertising for violent "entertainment." Children who have experienced war, or who see news stories of child soldiers, young suicide bombers, and rich countries spending billions on war need to also learn about peace and hope.

Carolyn Pogue is a writer, editor, and workshop facilitator at events such as YouthWrite, a summer camp for teen writers and Women’s Words Week at the University of Alberta. She has been "Peace Writer-in-Residence" in two Alberta schools. Carolyn is a founding member of Women in Black in Calgary. In addition to publishing in magazines such as Canadian Living, Legacy, AlbertaViews, and The United Church Observer, Carolyn has written 7 books, including A New Day: Peacemaking Stories and Activities published by UCPH earlier in 2005.

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