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Mount Saint Vincent joins PSI organization

Posted: September 29th, 2010

Peaceful Schools International is a non-profit group to support schools that create ‘cultures of peace’

September 22, 2010

soft cialis MSVU flag raising

A flag with the image of three figures holding up the world is now hoisted outside of Mount Saint Vincent University.

In a fitting activity on the UN’s International Day of Peace, the Mount was made a member of Peaceful Schools International (PSI) yesterday.


PSI was founded by Hetty van Gurp, a Nova Scotia teacher whose son died after a bullying incident.

“Peaceful Schools International believes everyone deserves to feel safe in their schools,” said representative Clare Levin.

“I hope (the flag) will serve as a daily reminder to the Mount’s commitment to peace.”

The Mount was chosen for membership for several reasons including hosting an international peace conference in July, and because the university trains teachers, who play a crucial role in creating peaceful schools.

“We’re only the second university in the world to join Peaceful Schools International and the other is Saint Mary’s University,” said outgoing university president and former NDP leader Alexa McDonough.

McDonough will be returning to her retirement next month when Ramona Lumpkin takes over as the new president of the Mount.

Read the article on the Metro News site.

Read more about the flag raising on MSVU’s website.

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