Millstone River Is a Peaceful School

Peaceful School Day at Millstone River

The students and staff at Millstone River School care about promoting peace, and they are doing something about it. They just don’t talk about peacemaking and bullying, students learn what peace is and how to achieve it. They just don’t learn that bullying is wrong, they define bullying as any mean word, look, or act that hurts a person’s body, feelings, or things. Students are taught that they are not to accept bullying and they are given options on ways to receive help if they find that they are in a bullying situation.

To highlight Peaceful School Day 2010, Millstone River School students have been engaged in an essay contest about peace and the Grade 4 and Grade 5 winners will read their essays at a school-wide assembly on March 1, 2010.

For Peaceful School Day 2010, which is March 1, 2010, Millstone River School is being honored by the parent organization, Peaceful Schools International (PSI). At a special morning assembly, Hetty van Gurp, president of the PSI, will honor students and staff with a proclamation from the international organization along the superintendent of schools, Dr. Victoria Kniewel, and the mayors of West Windsor Township and Plainsboro Township. Also, Hetty van Gurp will be presenting a parent program at 7 p.m. at Millstone River School.

Peaceful Schools International provides support to schools that have declared a commitment to creating and maintaining a culture of peace. PSI has over 300 member schools around the world. In these schools, students, teachers and community members work together to ensure that everyone feels safe, respected and valued.

In 2005, Millstone River School became the proud member of Peaceful Schools International In 2008, Millstone River School was noted as an exemplary school.

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