Peace Signs: PSI’s Monthly e-Newsletter


Peace-Signs-Newsletter Summer 2013

~ Millstone River School Peace Initiatives
~ Ivan Goran Kovacic School Peace Initiatives
~ Saint Mary’s University Conflict Resolution Project
~ Activity: Peace Poems
~ PSI’s New Home
~ PSI is Updating Their Files (Important!!!)

Peace Signs December 2010
~ Donate to PSI and give a gift of peace
~ PSI Members share their stories: Kingslake School
~ Free Resource: Golden Rule Curriculum
~ PSI Member Survey – Thank You!
~ Richland Academy takes a Vow of Silence
~ Free Resource: Singing for Peace
~ PSI Product Spotlight: Creating Caring Schools

Peace Signs November 2010
~ PSI Members share their stories: The School that Peace Built – Leary’s Brook Junior High
~ This year, give a gift of peace
~ Free Resource: How to Use Class Meetings
~ PSI Member Survey
~ Free Resource: Peace Education Teacher Training Module
~ Welcome to our new member schools!
~  Correction: Show Peace Films
~ PSI Product Spotlight: Creating Caring Schools

Peace Signs October 2010
~ PSI Members Raise their Flags!
~ Free Resource: Show Peace Films from the National Film Board
~ Volunteer with PSI
~ International Year of Youth – August 2010-2011
~ PSI-Pakistan starts training teachers
~ PSI Product Spotlight: Peace@School Toolkit – NEW PRICE $65

Peace Signs September 2010
~ Welcome Back! Start the new school year right!
~ Celebrate Peace in September
~ Community service projects – helping flood victims in Pakistan
~ Mount Saint Vincent University becomes a member
~ The Art of Peace Summer Camp
~ PSI Product Spotlight: Peace@School Toolkit – NEW PRICE $65

Peace Signs August 2010
~ Welcome to all our 2009-2010 new member schools!
~ Free Resource: Peace One Day
~ International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World
~ PSI – Pakistan has a new blog!
~ PSI Product Spotlight: Peace@School Toolkit – NEW PRICE $65

Peace Signs July 2010
~ Thorndale and Westwood celebrate being peaceful schools!
~ Free Resource: Stand up 2 bullying
~ Peace art contest in Pakistan
~ Peace Conference 2010
~ The Art of Peace Summer Camp
~ PSI Product Spotlight: Peace in Action Toolkit

Peace Signs June 2010
~ Kells Elementary Peace Pledge
~ Free Resource: Peace Week Planning Guide
~ The Art of Peace Summer Camp
~ Upcoming event: Peace Conference 2010
~ Richland Academy and World Learning Grammar School exchange Peace Mandalas
~ PSI Product Spotlight: Sierra Leone Bags – $20

Peace Signs May 2010
~ St. Michael School – “The Power of One”
~ Free Resource for Human Rights Education
~ The Art of Peace Summer Camp
~ Upcoming event: Peace Education Conference in Nova Scotia
~ PSI Regional Coordinator in Pakistan, Nadeem Ghazi visits Canada
~ PSI Product Spotlight: Sierra Leone Bags – $20

Peace Signs April 2010
~ Saint Mary’s University Students teach peace in Northern Ireland
~ Happy Earth Day! Ideas and Resources to help you celebrate
~ Educating for a more peaceful world – Presentation, April 27, Halifax
~ The Art of Peace Summer Camp
~ PSI is on YouTube!
~ PSI Product Spotlight: Creating Caring Schools – on sale only $17!

Peace Signs March 2010
~ Millstone River celebrates being a Peaceful School
~ New Resource – Cooperativa Facilitation Guide for Effective Conflict Resolution
~ International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – Resource
~ World Report on the Culture of Peace
~ PSI has moved!
~ PSI Product Spotlight: Hope for the Future

Peace Signs February 2010
~ PSI Member LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School wins Martin Luther King Legacy Award
~ New Resource – The Seven Challenges Workbook
~ PSI hires Executive Director
~ PSI in Pakistan
~ One School’s Journey – the story of Parkview School

Peace Signs December 2009
~ Charter for Compassion
~ Recommended Website: Global Dimension
~ PSI Goes to Pakistan
~ Sierra Leone Peace Gifts
~ Human Rights Teaching Materials
~ Golden Rule Poster

Peace Signs November 2009
~ Free Resource: ‘Play it Fair’ Toolkit
~ Another Free Resource: ‘Compasito’ – Human Rights Education Manual
~ Power of Peace Network
~ Universal Children’s Day November 20th
~ Millstone River School, Plainsboro, New Jersey

Peace Signs October 2009
~ Building Blocks of Peace – Free Resources!
~ Keeping our Children Safe: the ‘Whole Village’ Approach
~ PSI Members Celebrate the International Day of Peace
~ Peace Messages for Pakistan
~ Actions Speak Loudest

Peace Signs September 2009
~ International Day of Peace, September 21, 2009
~ What Does it Mean to be a Peaceful School?
~ Addressing Aggression in School – Workshop
~ Previous Issues of Peace Signs Now Available
~ Clare Levin in Sierra Leone
~ PSI on Facebook

Peace Signs Summer 2009
~ Free Teaching Resource on Global Issues and Global Citizenship
~ Keeping Our Children Safe: The “Whole Village” Approach
~ Pictures from The Art of Peace Summer Camp 2009
~ PSI Yearbook – Your Submissions Wanted!!

Peace Signs, June 2009
~ Lester B. Pearson School Board Raises the PSI Flag
~ FREE PowerPoint
~ Golden Rule Video
~ FREE Transitional Justice Guide
~ PSI Yearbook
~ Art of Peace Camp

Peace Signs, May 2009
~ ‘Sam’ book series
~ May Idea: Quote a Day in May
~ An Appeal from Logan
~ Me and You for Laugh Together
~ “That All May Read”

Peace Signs, April 2009
~ Free Resource on Teaching Non-violence
~ Social Responsibility Assessment Tools
~ Peace in 16 Languages
~ Art of Peace Summer Camp
~ April Idea: Taking Stock
~ The We Do Listen Foundation: Recommended Website
~ “We Choose Peace” Symposium

Peace Signs, March 2009
~ theKit: Youth Manual
~ New Board Members for PSI
~ Peace: Teach it. Live it.
~ Art of Peace Summer Camp
~ March Idea: Harmony Week
~ News from Richland Academy

Peace Signs, February 2009
~ PSI in Sierra Leone
~ A New Library for Mapaki
~ “Whole Village” Project
~ Promise Book
~ February Idea: Valentine Project
~ Kawaleh Peace Education Fund

Peace Signs, January 2009
~ New Member Schools in Belfast
~ Peace People
~ Charter for World Without Violence
~ Peace Room at St. Aidan’s
~ January Idea: No Name-Calling Week
~ RCMP and CTF Join Forces to Fight Cyberbullying

Peace Signs, December 2008
~ December Idea: Caring Communities
~ Listen to the Children
~ One Peace
~ Chalk for Peace
~ Little Red Wagon
~ Human Rights Day
~ PSI Grows in Pakistan

Peace Signs, November 2008
~ November Idea: Mix it Up at Lunch Day
~ Cowan Heights Celebrates
~ Congratulations to John de Chastelain, PSI International Advisory Board Member
~ Featured School: Children’s World Academy
~ Free Conflict Resolution Resources
~ We Need Your Help in Sierra Leone

Peace Signs, October 2008
~ Peacebuilding month in the Philippines
~ Boys in Pink Launch Website
~ ABCs of Mental Health
~ October Idea: Gossip Free Day
~ International Conflict Resolution Day
~ World Food Day

Peace Signs, September 2008
~ Free Children’s Book: Sam and the Goodwill Sandwich
~ Peace Education – Philippines
~ School Twinning in Sierra Leone
~ International Day of Peace – September 21
~ Recommended website: Do Something
~ Excellent Resources FREE On-line

Peace Signs, August 2008
~ PSI’s New Ambassadors
~ Peaceful Schools Workshop on Innovative Conflict Resolution
~ Student Booklet
~ Errol Lee Concert
~ Featured School: Parkview Public School