Michaela Peters - Vice President of Programs and Research. Board Secretary Project Manager

Michaela Peters

Michaela recently graduated from Saint Mary’s University in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours Anthropology) and was awarded the Book Prize in Peace and Conflict Studies. Her thesis analysed conflict resolution practices taught and used at a Halifax Elementary School. Following her graduation, she began working as the Project Manager in the Global Learning and Intercultural Support Office at Saint Mary’s University.

Michaela has been involved in Peaceful Schools International since 2016, having travelled to Belfast several times with the Conflict Resolution Project team, as well as once as a part of a course development and assessment team from SMU. In 2019-2020, Michaela held the position of Project Coordinator for the Northern Ireland Conflict Resolution Project and now continues to mentor and assist the new student coordinators.

Michaela at Saint Oliver Plunkett primary school in Belfast
Michaela at Saint Oliver Plunkett primary school in Belfast

In her free time, Michaela trains in and teaches Karate to youth in Halifax and plays the flute in the Halifax Concert Band. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in international peace and conflict in the near future and would one day like to earn a Ph.D and become a university professor.