Sierra Leone Peace Education Project

From 2007 to March 2010, PSI was involved in a project in Sierra Leone called Education for Sustainable Peace and Development in Post-war Northern Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone, recovering from eleven years of devastating civil war, is a small West African country that is designated by the UN as the second “least liveable country in the world”. Children in Sierra Leone were most affected by the war. Most schools were destroyed and materials and books lost. This is, however, a time of rebuilding and regenerating. It is also a time of great hope and possibility as people are deeply committed to ensuring long-lasting peace, development and education.

School children in Sierra LeoneThe Education for Sustainable Peace and Development in Post-war Northern Sierra Leone project is designed to improve the well-being and quality of life of marginalized girls, boys, women, and men in the post-war Northern Province of Sierra Leone through supporting integrated basic and peace education and agricultural and economic development, enabling community members to become active change agents who advocate for good governance and respect for human rights. This project was funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and was a partnership with the Sierra Leonean NGO, the Centre for Development and Peace Education (cdpeace).

Over and above the peace education work done in Sierra Leone through this CIDA project, PSI also assisted cdpeace with organizing the shipping of two containers of school and medical supplies and equipment from Canada to Sierra Leone. We sent over 275 boxes with materials donated by schools, community groups, and individuals, including school supplies, books, 30 bikes and spare parts, a solar powered electrical system and wind-up lanterns, and many items to support re-establishment of health, women’s and agricultural initiatives that were destroyed during the war. We are deeply grateful for the support of so many individuals and organizations that have made this possible.

This CIDA-funded project has now come to an end. PSI will be continuing its peace education work in Sierra Leone through the Nakamah Kawaleh Peace Education Fund. We welcome financial contributions to our work.

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