Peace Education in Pakistan

Over the past two years, PSI has been working with an amazing volunteer Regional Coordinator and peace educator in Pakistan, Nadeem Ghazi. Nadeem saw the need to introduce peace education and conflict resolution to schools in his own area, and has taken the initiative to do just that. Starting with his own school, World Learning Grammar School in Karachi, Nadeem has spread the peace education message to many schools in Pakistan. He has facilitated numerous workshops and made many presentations, and now has a growing network of peaceful schools in Pakistan.

Nadeem has received recognition for his work from the media in Pakistan and is in demand from other educators for his guidance.

PSI is  currently working on a 2 year peace education project in Karachi, Pakistan funded by USIP (United States Institute of Peace). Over the course of this project, we are working with a small number of pilot schools in and around Karachi on peace education. We will also be carrying out school twinning activities and developing a guide specifically aimed at schools in developing countries, Journey to a Peaceful School.

If you would like to follow the peace education work in Pakistan, take a look at Nadeem’s blog:

PSI Workshop in Pakistan
Peaceful Schools International Workshop & Harmony Week at True Guide Grammar School

PSI is currently raising funds to support this important work in Pakistan, a country dealing with ongoing conflict. Please consider making a donation today. To learn more about the different ways of helping schools in Pakistan, please see our Gifts of Peace page.

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