Creating Caring Schools Book Review

Hetty van Gurp’s latest book, Creating Caring Schools: Peace-promoting activities for all seasons, is a book for elementary and secondary teachers and administrators and includes tadalafil no prescription over 30 practical school-wide initiatives with many variations; CD and sheet music for the original song "The Right Thing to Do" and a full index cross-listing themes and types of project. Read a review of the book

Conflict Resolution Team from Saint Mary’s University heading for Belfast

Bridget Brownlow, Conflict Resolution Advisor at Saint Mary’s University, and the conflict resolution team that will be heading for Northern Ireland in February meeting with Martin McGuiness at a fundraising dinner in Halifax. While in Belfast, among other things, this group will visit PSI member schools. Saint Mary’s is the first university to become a member of Peaceful Schools International.


SMU conflict resolution team


Pinwheels for Peace at the Coady International Institute

Pinwheels for Peace at the Coady International Institute

Participants in the Community-Based Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding course at the Coady International Institute in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, planted Pinwheels for Peace to celebrate the International Day of Peace.This course is facilitated by Dr. Thomas Mark Turay, a member of the PSI Board of Directors and a member of the PSI International Advisory Board.


Coady participants


Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Winner: Kingston and District School

On February 3, 2006, Kingston and District School in Kingston, Nova Scotia was awarded a "Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award."

From a press release by Saint Mary’s University:
This school has substantive and interesting initiatives to address employee health and well-being, workplace safety, employee development, and work-life balance. The administration at the school promotes a participatory decision making approach seeking staff member input on numerous issues.

What impressed the reviewers the most was the culture of the school: Staff members have formed a close-knit culture of support, in which they help each other with professional and personal matters and celebrate each others’ successes. This healthy work culture is passed on to students by various means, including the promotion of physical health at school and participation in the League of Peaceful Schools.

Dr. Richard Allon and Dr. Lori Francis, PHWA site reviewers, were impressed by the culture of the school. Dr. Francis noted that: “In responding to our survey, staff members repeatedly and enthusiastically indicated that Kingston and District School is a great place to work. The efforts by the administration and staff at KDS to ensure that that the school is a fun and supportive place to learn and to work are truly outstanding.”

Message from General John de Chastelain (ret’d)

PSI Team Visits Belfast, Northern Ireland

During the week of September 21 – 28, 2005 a PSI team visited Belfast, Northern Ireland at the invitation of Barnardo’s, a charitable organization working with children and their families in the community – giving them practical and emotional support to deal with disadvantage.

On September 26, 2005, the headlines of the Belfast Telegram read: “IRA disarms.” The article began,

History was being made today as the International Decommissioning body confirmed that the Provisional IRA has put its arsenal beyond use. General John de Chastelain and his two fellow commissioners were briefing the British and Irish governments this morning ahead of publicly announcing this afternoon that the IRA has disarmed.”

On this same day, at the invitation of Barnardo’s, Paula George, guidance counselor at Leary’s Brook Junior High in St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador; Heather Harris, principal at Kingston School, Nova Scotia; Dr. John LeBlanc, researcher at Dalhousie University; Hetty van Gurp, founder of Peaceful Schools International and her husband, Ward Carson – the PSI team, was making presentations to teachers and principals from Belfast schools at Belfast Castle. General de Chastelain, a member of the International Advisory Board of PSI unfortunately could not be in attendance as he was otherwise engaged. His message is below.

It seems more than just a coincidence that all of this was happening at the same time. Besieged by decades of sectarian division and violence, it may be that Northern Ireland is at a critical juncture in its history and that the time has come when people on both sides of the divide, are ready for peace.

In addition to the presentations made on this day, we also had an opportunity to visit the three PSI member schools in Belfast: Edenbrooke Primary School, St. Gabriel’s College and Brownlow Integrated College in Craigavon. In each of these schools, it was evident to all of us that the principles and practices of PSI have contributed significantly to creating a positive ethos.


Head of the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning in Northern Ireland


I would start by saying how I much regret I am not here to deliver this brief message in person. Some months ago I promised Hetty I would do all I could to take part in this important Seminar, although I had to add the caveat that the role which brings me to Ireland might force me to withdraw at the last moment. Sadly for me that is now the case.

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