World Learning Grammar School and Richland Academy Exchange Peace Mandalas

During the last academic year, students of Richland Academy, a member of Peaceful Schools International located in Ontario, created Peace Mandalas. These Mandalas were then shipped to a sister school of Peaceful Schools International in Pakistan, the World Learning Grammar School. Richland also sent art materials so that the students in Pakistan could also create their own Peace Mandalas.

In May, Richland Academy received a package of wonderful Mandalas that the Pakistani children created for the Richland students to enjoy. Enclosed was the following note from WLGS Principal (and PSI Regional Coordinator) Nadeem Ghazi:

“Greetings and Best Wishes, …Thank you very much for sending us material and Art Supplies for students to participate in wonderful creative project ‘Peace Mandala”…Students were so much excited to work with your students to participate in Peace Mandala project. I feel that students improved a lot in Art work which we did first time in our schools. I found deep compassion and understanding and sharing their feelings and words through the universal language of “Art”. We displayed your Mandalas to notice board with your students’ photos, which reflected all of students as a source of motivation, culture and understanding of two nations. It expresses more that we are united one in the world! I would like to thank again for you and your students’ support to our students to understand better the world of Art. …Peace, N. Ghazi, Regional Coordinator Peaceful Schools International – Pakistan.”

Photo album of the Richland Academy mandalas displayed in Pakistan.

Photo album of peace mandalas created by WLGS students for Richland Academy.


Richland students with Pakistan mandalas


Students at Richland Academy holding up the Peace Mandalas they received from Pakistan


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