Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Winner: Kingston and District School

On February 3, 2006, Kingston and District School in Kingston, Nova Scotia was awarded a "Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award."

From a press release by Saint Mary’s University:
This school has substantive and interesting initiatives to address employee health and well-being, workplace safety, employee development, and work-life balance. The administration at the school promotes a participatory decision making approach seeking staff member input on numerous issues.

What impressed the reviewers the most was the culture of the school: Staff members have formed a close-knit culture of support, in which they help each other with professional and personal matters and celebrate each others’ successes. This healthy work culture is passed on to students by various means, including the promotion of physical health at school and participation in the League of Peaceful Schools.

Dr. Richard Allon and Dr. Lori Francis, PHWA site reviewers, were impressed by the culture of the school. Dr. Francis noted that: “In responding to our survey, staff members repeatedly and enthusiastically indicated that Kingston and District School is a great place to work. The efforts by the administration and staff at KDS to ensure that that the school is a fun and supportive place to learn and to work are truly outstanding.”

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