Nakamah Kawaleh Fund – Peace Education in Sierra Leone

community libraryIn January 2009, Peaceful Schools International established the Nakamah Kawaleh Peace Education Fund to support educational work in Sierra Leone. The establishment of this fund was the natural evolution of PSI’s work on a collaborative project in northern Sierra Leone in the Paki Masabong and Gbonkolenken
Chiefdoms with a local NGO, cdpeace (Centre for Development and Peace Education). This project was successfully completed in March 2010, and PSI plans to continue its work with schools and communities in Sierra Leone through the Nakamah Kawaleh Peace Education Fund.

Donors to the Nakamah Kawaleh fund have already made a tremendous difference in the lives of students and teachers in rural communities in Sierra Leone. Your contributions have supported work in the area of literacy and peace education, school fees for girls and boys, scholarshboy with a peace education bookips for volunteer teachers to attend teacher training college, the construction of a rural community library, provided support for community schools, and helped to ensure that volunteer teachers could access health care so that they were in the classroom when needed.

PSI has a volunteer Regional Coordinator in Sierra Leone, Carolyn van Gurp, who is carrying out PSI’s peace education work. You can read Carolyn’s blog at Another PSI/cdpeace volunteer, Clare Levin, was in Sierra Leone from September to December 2009. You can read her blog at

For the 2010-11 year, PSI is again raising funds to support similar projects. Your help is needed! We are hoping to raise a total of $5,150 to carry out our work.

Please see the full report on the Nakamah Kawaleh Peace Education Fund for more information: 5.3 MB PDF.


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