Millstone River School Peace Essay Winners

PSI Member Millstone River School in Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA ran an essay contest about peace in celebration of  Peaceful School Day 2010. Four amazing essays won the contest. These essays demonstrate wonderful insight and understanding of peace from the Grade 4 and 5 winners and are definitely worth a read!


Millstone River essay winners
Top, left to right: Mayor Peter Cantu of Plainsboro, Dr.. Hetty van Gurp of PSI, Superindent of Schools Dr. Victoria Kniewel, and Principal Mary Ann Isaacs
Bottom, left to right: Mia Barkenbush, Michelle Liu, Katharine Li, and Wesley Nass

Katharine Li’s essay:

"She made peace. She tried her best to protect, to love, to show others how bright things could be . . . Soon everyone around her was helping, laughing, learning, shining together. Not even the largest of hearts could have held in such love, it was as if everybody had begun to hug each other with no boundaries between big or small, old or young, countries and countries, race and race. No one was shunned. Everyone was let in to share the warmth of the glow."
Read the whole essay: 4.6 MB PDF

Mia Barkenbush’s essay:

"Peaceful schools help the world in three ways. First, they teach us to work together in harmony. Also, peaceful schools teach us that we are all equal. Lastly, a peaceful school encourages us to make a change. In these ways, our world will become a better place"
Read the whole essay: 3.3 MB PDF

Michelle Liu’s essay:

"If a little boy stops any kind of fighting at home, his whole house can be peaceful and loving. If his neighbor sees how nice this family is acting, they’ll create peace in their home. Then another and another. Then the whole community. Then the whole town. And if it keeps getting larger, it’ll soon be the whole country. Then the whole world at peace. No fighting, no war, just because of an average boy. Peace can spread and it starts with you!"
Read the whole essay: 5.9 MB PDF

Wesley Nass’s essay:

"A peaceful school links people so they are interconnected. All learn. All are equal and offer understanding to one another. We realize our similarities. A peaceful school encourages bonds and excels at having peaceful pupils as well as equal ones."
Read the whole essay: 200 KB PDF

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