Looking Ahead

Since its inception, Peaceful Schools International has achieved tremendous results. We have encouraged peaceful conflict resolution and an active culture of peace in schools around the world. From Sierra Leone to Serbia, and from Nova Scotia to Pakistan, we have worked with educators and students passionate about creating a better school environment for staff and students.

For ten years, we have operated through the generosity of volunteers, and through individual grants. Now, we need financial support to take Peaceful Schools International to the next level – to be able to more fully serve the needs of students and schools.

With increased support, we can expand our offerings of books and e-books, and hire staff to help us serve our ever-increasing number of members, and manage current and new projects. We can also launch new initiatives, such as a comprehensive study of the ways schools create environments in which all forms of bullying and mistreatment are unacceptable, documenting success stories, and hosting a symposium for educators to share their successes and transfer knowledge.

We have boundless energy and ideas, but limited funds.

We have achieved much over the last decade. With the seeming upswing in school bullying and the prevalence of conflict around the globe, bringing our approach to more schools and bringing educators together is more essential than ever.